What is ABSA?

Abbots Bromley Sports Association (ABSA) is a registered charity borne out of a vision by villagers, to provide a beautiful, 13 acre, sports and recreational space (including a brand new community Clubhouse) for residents of Abbots Bromley and the surrounding areas.

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The whole of the community and its institutions have been involved from inception to the present day.  This includes the parish council, local schools, church, British Legion, youth club, scouts as well as the main sports clubs. 

In 2021 we hope to welcome you to play in one of our cricket or football teams or to come down and give your support. If we can raise the £100,000 required, the 2 new tennis courts and netball courts will be coming in 2022! 


The brand new Clubhouse will be built in 2022-23 and this will be your place for socialising and celebrating.  Everyone is welcome, whatever age, background or level of skill to come to make new friends, meet old ones or just to take in the beautiful, natural surroundings.


About ABSA

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We need everybody in the community to help out.
Governance & Structure

ABSA was established in 2014 by the Chairman of the village Cricket Club, Football Club and the Junior Football Club and is governed and managed by volunteers and residents of the local community.  

In 2014 the ABSA Board of Trustees was established, with legal responsibility for the Charity. The Board makes strategic decisions, ensuring the charity objectives are met, risk is managed and there is full financial control. The Trustees continuously monitor and evaluate the aims and objectives in relation to our purpose and our constitution. 

The Operations Committee reports to the Trustee Board and these skilled people manage the logistics of the project. This Committee includes surveyors, accountants and others, who provide their time for free, who work with the appointed architect and deliver the project. There are three subgroups:


This subgroup is tasked with leading the fundraising drive for ABSA. From planning & hosting events, to liaising with sponsors.


This subgroup is tasked with ensuring financial control for ABSA.


Tasked with identifying and mitigating the risk of the project. The Operating Committee will evaluate and monitor numbers, costs, usage and maintenance.  Safeguarding and Health and Safety will be monitored at all times by our Safeguarding Officer who will also manage any complaints.

Local Sports Clubs and Community Groups (who are independent of  ABSA) have their own governance structure and feed into the project through the Operations Group. 


Here are a few frequently asked questions that you might find useful. If you have any further questions that you can't find the answers to, please reach out to us through the means provided on our contact us page.

How do I get involved with fundraising?

We would love to hear from you – please visit our fundraising page or contact us to learn more

How do I find out more about sponsoring this community project?

We are always looking for new sponsors and have various packages available for businesses who wish to get involved. We have some information on our Sponsors page. Please contact Chris Woods for more information.

I would love to play a sport or game not on your list, how can I contact you?

We welcome all enquiries for sports and other activities. Find out more information on the Our Clubs page or you can get in touch with us

How do I make a donation?

We have various ways you can make a donation. You can pay directly through the donate button (top bar) or visit these locations to donate cash in person using our donation buckets.

How do I contact the football, cricket or tennis clubs?

Please use the Our Clubs page to find out details and contact information for the individual clubs.

I want to hold an event. Who do I contact?

Please get in touch with us using this Share an idea form. Alternatively you can reach out to us through the Contact page.