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Fundraising so far

We've come so far already and have raised £640,000 thanks to the incredible support and generosity of everybody that has got involved since the vision began. We need a big push to fundraise enough money to get started with phase 3 and it would be amazing if you could help!

Phase I (ECB Cricket Pitch)

£270,000 of £270,000

Phase II (Football Pitches)

£350,000 of £350,000

Phase III (Clubhouse, Courts & Landscape)

£20,000  of £560,000

Get involved! Villagers Fundraising and Helping

This is an exciting opportunity for the whole village to come together to create and use an amazing, unique and invaluable space for all to play sports and hold events.


We welcome all ages and genders, we want everyone to be involved. Watch out on Facebook for details of our future fundraising activities including

  • Plant and Dedicate a Tree
  • Memorial benches

  • Donate and name a brick


This is the ideal space for village events, gatherings, weddings, parties, coffee mornings and friendly get-togethers and we welcome all enquiries about use of the ground. 

If you would like to help in any way please get in touch. We are always happy for people who wish to help with the fundraising, whether you have an idea or just want to lend a hand.

ABSA will continue to seek feedback from all organisations, groups and individuals on the effectiveness of the facility and needs and concerns.  

Fundraising Past, Present & Future

ABSA has a strong track record of raising money and, over the past eight years has raised £288,000 to fund and deliver the groundworks and ECB cricket pitch; plus £352,000 to fund the football pitches, car park and temporary changing facilities.

The income was generated from a wide variety of sources including: leadership gifts from the board, donations from individuals, community events & substantial grants from charitable trusts.


We are continuing with this fundraising plan to raise funds for Phase III.  Although COVID 19 has had an impact on events and community fundraising, we are confident of raising the £395,000 required as shown below:​


Individuals - The local community are huge supporters of this initiative and have made personal gifts of £1 to £50,000 to previous phases. The number of pledged supporters for Phase 3 is similar. 

Events - We held our successful ABSA Fest fundraising events in 2022 and 2023.  We have a different format for ABSA Fest 2024 which we hope the whole community will find appealing.  Additionally, we are absolutely delighted that, now we have our fabulous new bar, which was entirely created from donations and free time from local craftspeople, we can now hold outdoor parties.


Trusts and Foundations - We continue to approach local and national grant makers for targeted funding. 

Corporate – We have a partnerships with a number of local businesses and welcome donations and partnerships from other companies who wish to help. See our Sponsors page here

Loan - The England Cricket Board has provided an interest-free loan of £5,000 

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