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The Facilities

A beautiful place to get fit, enjoy the outdoors and to meet friends old & new

If you have always wanted to play a sport or you just want to become more active then the new ground is for you.

As well as Abbots Bromley’s official Football, Cricket and Tennis Clubs we want everyone to use the grounds as much as possible, and here are just some of our suggestions – we really welcome your ideas.







Walkers, runners, cyclists, explorers and people who just want to play or support a team.

Schools – we encourage school children to use the appropriate sports pitches, walkways and cycle routes, helping them to start an active and healthy lifestyle in a safe, natural environment.

We also welcome Abbots Bromley’s Keep Fat Club and would love to see the following sorts of established or new clubs from the surrounding areas utilising the grounds:

  • Jogging Club

  • Walking football for the over fifties

  • Rounders

  • Ladies football

  • Outdoor Tai Chi

  • Ramblers

Can’t see what you are looking for?  Contact us here if you have an idea for a new activity you would like us to explore.

Who the Space is for?
A place for friends

A space for the young, the old, from all walks of life, to come together in one space.

  • A space to meet old friends and make new ones

  • Older residents who wish to have some quiet, contemplative time. 

  • Families are especially welcome to use and enjoy all the facilities.

  • Abbots Bromley and Area Youth Club  

  • Charities, such as Evergreens will use the centre for meetings

  • Isolated or lonely people whole heartedly encouraged to meet up and make friends

  • Organisations helping older people become more active such as Age UK Staffordshire and Move it or Lose it have expressed an interest in using the new Clubhouse

  • Businesses could set up networking events

Image by Ben White
Making the Grounds Eco Friendly

In addition to creating a positive impact on the local community, we are also ensuring that the new facilities provide a boost to the local wildlife and eco-system.

Here are a few of the goals and steps that we are taking to ensure that this happens:

Solar Panels on the Pavilion

Trees & Shrub Planting

Bees & Insects Assisted to Thrive

Nesting Boxes for Birds & Bats

​Ponds to support wildlife

Bat boxes in the pavilion roof

Reed beds to provide a habitat for newts, fish, frogs and birds. 

Footpaths to be well maintained and interest/nature created along their route.

Carbon neutral approach

✓ Balancing ponds

✓ Clean water run-offs from drainage facilities

✓ Promotion of natural history

✓ Enhanced for birds and other species

✓ Haven for wildlife

✓ Newts attracted to watercourses

✓ Ground Source Heating for the Pavillion

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We need everybody in the community to help out.
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