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ABSA Fest 2024 - Thank you!

ABSA Fest 2024 was a roaring success and we have so many people to thank for making it so.  It was a village team effort for sure. Not only were so many of the people below there on the actual day but they worked so hard on the Friday set up and clear up and the same again on Saturday and Sunday.  We had over 30 volunteers who gave their valuable time for free and for that we are all so very humbled and grateful.   A Community Dream Team, making  The Community Dream come True.


Sincere thanks go to every person who bought a ticket and who came to the events, without whom this would not have been such a fantastic night. In true Abbots Bromley style the bar was nearly drunk dry.


·      Our Sponsors Friel Homes, CVBC, Tandom, Berwick Partners and Allports who helped us get the Festival going by providing much needed finance.

·      Friel Homes for the delivery and loan of the PED Barrier and allowing parking on the Lowers

·      Kay and Andy Motley who made a great contribution and helped us on Friday and Saturday, even doing a stint on the bar

·      To the local gentleman who donated £1000 towards our crowdfunding appeal on the day which is absolutely incredible

·      Katie Redfern and her students, at Kingel who did an amazing amount of marketing for the event – her positivity, proactiveness was really helpful and much appreciated.

·      Terry Bailey who was an outstanding performer and organised the bar so well and kept the drinks flowing all night long.

·      Dawn & Ella who also threw some great shapes at the same time as serving, Lis & Jeff who stepped in at the last minute to help, Kate & Rachel Garth and Mark D who didn’t look stressed at all , Chris Adams, Julie Wood, Louise Haywood, Mandy and Trude

·      Tim & Sara Howell who did so much to bring our facilities up to scratch and who did a sterling job on the bar.

·      Tommy and Julie Wheeldon who helped with the vital but freezing and not so glamorous jobs of ticket entry and car park management. . Julie was also the main force behind getting the Crowdfunding appeal for our court up and going. Tommy then also helped on the bar and Julie helped with the site clearance on both days

·      Craig Burley who spent the whole day taking photographs completely free of charge. and there are some fantastic photos which capture the event perfectly

·      Catherine Brown who volunteered to do anything and when she realised how much help we needed came back later to help with the car parking, ticket entry and traffic management – we are very grateful to you.

·      John Chapman & Ian Haywood who stood  for hours on end freezing end ensuring everyone was parked up

·      Ollie and Scott from Sporting PB who set up the inflated goal and raised funds for the Crowdfunding Appeal on the day

·      Susan Mayman from AB Netball Club who brought the netball post and gave children some shooting practice opportunities. Susan has also helped us incredibly with the Crowdfunding Appeal, providing rewards and arranging a large donation from the Netball Club

·      Sarah and Glen who set up the Sparkles and Diamonds and raised over £2000.

·      Our Mowing Elite team who somehow managed to get a very soggy training area dry enough to hold the event through long hours mowing – Tommy, Glen,  Mark, John, Bone, Terry

·      Katharine, Eleanor, Emma,  Sarah and Simon from Events Unlimited who all worked tirelessly and provided all of the festival flags and marquees – without you it would have just been another field.  Katharine and her team does so much of the back work which you don’t see, Risk Assessments, site plans etc but which is so vital to a successful day

·      Tom Morgan, Déjà vu, Radio Murphy and Landslide for the most amazing music

·      James, Kudo and George Lawton who provided the stage, lights and sound system – what an incredible job you did in creating such a fantastic atmosphere.

· Gill and Mark from Top Shop plus Danni her team from Antlers for selling the tickets in their shops

      James and Ben from C4 Security who kept us all safe and sound

·      Nelson’s Gin, Lymestone Brewery and Rural Brewing

·      Facepainting from Kirsty Gratton

·      Colin from Blackthorn Lighting who made the lighting around the area so spectacular

·      Billy from Staffordshire Medical Services for providing the First Aid

·      Adam from Majestic for all the electrics

·      Arrand from Excloosive Loos

·      Paul from Smashing it Burgers, Joes Fish and Chip Van, Jack from Leflip Creperie and John from Ashmore’s Icecream.

·      Be Event Tables and chairs



We were also helped on Sunday and this was gratefully received as we were all exhausted by then!

·      All the people who came to watch The Adventures of Dr Dolittle and then so kindly helped to put the tables and benches away – this was so touching and really helped a very worn out and straggly team of volunteers.  We are extremely grateful to you.

·      The Illryia Theatre and The Adventures of Dr Dolittle who put on a great show which adults and children alike thoroughly enjoyed.

Peter Livesey, Jane Norris and the Abbots Bromley Community Choir who performed in pretty rough weather!

·      Sue from S&P Watercolours – it was great to meet you and you can see more of her at Cobwebs in the future.

·      Tracey from Guides and Brownies

·      The Fire Station Team who brought their Fire Engine down (if you would like to join them do get in touch with them - they are always looking for new recruits)

I hope we have not missed anyone out and sincerely apologise and send you our heartfelt thanks if we have.

Thank you!




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