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The ABSA Bar Is Open!

We are beyond excited to declare the ABSA bar officially open!!

We had a great day on Sunday for the opening - the sun came out and the cricket was on. It could not have been better. Now the opening didn't just happen - it's been very hard work for a few top folk - especially to Wayne, Tim, Alex, Mark, Bone, AK and John. Have a look at the pictures and the video of our Chairman Chris officially opening the bar.

Lots of thanks to people who also donated including Jay Hensman for the container which started it all, Mark for the flooring, Estate Signs for the ABSA logo on the outside which looks fabulous, Dorian who donated the chairs, Alex for the gravel, Terry and Katharine for the flowers and Wayne for the dartboard.

Massive thanks to Terry Bailey and Chris Adams for making the bar run so smoothly on the first day and Mark D for the gorgeous burgers.

We hope to see you down at the grounds soon!

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